How to Carve a Letter – Part 3

Take a look at our third carving video:

Hi. Welcome back. It’s time to carve our first real letter – a capital ‘R’. Tody we’re going to be using a block-cap, sans-serif font for this ‘R’, because it’s nice and chunky.

Now, basically, we’re going to be doing the same steps that we learned in the last video. First, V-Tooling in the lines, then chiseling out from the centre towards the edges…of course, we have a few major differences here between the ‘R’, and the ‘I’ that we carved last time.

Obviously, the ‘R’ has a curve to it, which the ‘I’ didn’t have. And, we also have several place where the grooves intersect. At those places, we just have to be careful to make our carving tidy and precise, but basically the concept is the same as when you carve a simple groove. Just work out from the centre bit-by-bit towards the edge.

On the outside edge of the curve, turn your chisel upside-down, like this, so that the bevel is down. That sort-of helps steer the chisel around the corner, so it doesn’t jump as you go. Of course, the mopre complex the letter, the more time it takes to complete, but with lots of practice you’ll gain contro; over your chisel and be able to carve just about anything. After a while, your hands just sort-of know what to do.

Does this look familiar? That’s right, our little piece of yellow sandpaper will make everything look good. Nice, here’s our beautiful, uppercase hand-carved ‘R’. In the next episode, we’ll get even more complex and carve a nice curvy ampersand. It’ll have varying stroke widths and lots of curves… so, see you next time!

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  1. I enjoy what you guys are up to! This type of clever work and exposure. Keep it up. I’ve included you guys on my personal blogroll.

  2. Hi Lizette,

    Thanks for checking in. I’m glad you enjoyed our latest video. There will certainly be more on the way.

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