How to Carve a Letter – Part 4

Here’s our fourth video in the letter-carving series. This time it’s a hand-lettered, casual-style ampersand. Relax and enjoy.

Welcome back to our fourth and final letter-carving lesson. As I mentioned last time, today we’re going to be carving an ampersand. Now, the ampersand is a very interesting character. It’s actually a letter that’s been around since before the English language was even invented. It dates back to first centruy Rome, and it actually symbolises the letters ‘E’ ‘T’, as in ‘Et’. So, people have been carving ampersands for a long, long time. It’s also a letter that type-designers have always had a lot of fun with. There are many different creative shapes and sizes of ampersand, and there are alot of different styles out there. But, for this exercise, were going to use a style that we invented purely for this lesson, so here we go!

Start off with V-Tooling. You should be getting familiar with this by now.Next, we’ll be using the chisel. And, just remember that on the outside corners, we keep the bevel of the chisel down, so it follows the curve nicely…and here we have our beautiful hand-crafted ampersand!

So, thanks a lot for watching this video, and the whole series. Stay tuned for more videos on three-dimensional sign-making!