Should I Paint a Protective Coating on My Sign?

Hello . . .

Sign arrived this afternoon and is everything we had hoped for.  Great work! Question: Would you recommend using an automotive type wax on the sign? Any other form of applied protection?  I live in the northern part of the U.S. with snow, sleet, freezing rain added to summer sun, etc.


Dear Customer,

Glad you like your new sign! To answer your question about a protective coating:  Unless you are in an area prone to the work of graffiti ‘artists’, we recommend that you do not try to ‘protect’ the sign with wax or any other clear-coat finish.

Your sign looks like wood, but is actually a weatherproof HDU/PVC laminate covered with a coat of Resene Primer and three coats of Dulux Weathershield Acrylic paint. Dulux paint uses color-fast mineral pigments. When cured, it remains very flexible. The rubbery finish stands up well against wind-borne sand, dust, snow, sleet, hail or freezing rain. And – developed and extensively tested here in sunny Australia – the UV resistance is second to none.

Painting a Sign Panel | Danthonia Designs Blog

Applying a coat of Dulux paint to a sign panel

If you happen to live in an area prone to tagging, we do offer a solvent-proof graffiti coating. On the one hand, it gives the whole sign a very glossy finish and it’s not compatible with gilding. On the other, it’s a tough coating, and it does what it’s designed for very well. I’ll also mention that very few of our signs get vandalised. Probably about one-in-a-thousand on average. The ones that do tend to be school signs. That’s why we recommend a graffiti coating on signs for educational institutions. That said, even the vast majority of our school signs remain unharmed.

Palladium-Leafing a Sign | Danthonia Designs Blog

Graffiti coating can’t be applied to a sign with gold, palladium, copper, or any other metal-leaf.

In general, our signs require minimal maintenance. Gently rinse your sign with warm soapy water twice each year or whenever tree sap, bird droppings, dust storms or volcanic eruptions leave their mark. If one side faces south (or north if you’re in Australia) and gets significantly more direct sunlight, you can open the Quick-Links and turn the sign around once a year. If cared for like this, your sign will not show any significant fading or weathering for eight to ten years. The scroll is rust-proof, powder-coated marine-grade aluminium, so it will hold up for decades.

Folk Art House Sign | Danthonia Designs Blog

This sign has lasted for centuries! Just kidding, we made it about twelve years ago.

Hope that helps!

P.S. We’d love to see a nice photo of the sign once it is installed!