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Scott Biersack (image courtesy of The State Press)

Early every Saturday morning, university student Scott Biersack faithfully made his way to a public chalkboard on the Arizona State University campus and spent the next several hours decorating it with an intricate original typographic work. While the works themselves often lasted only a few hours, Scott’s perseverance earned him a growing reputation among those fascinated with hand-drawn letterforms. Today, Scott shares some of his experiences, inspirations and hopes for the future:

I love lettering and everything it entails. Just about a year and a half ago I had no clue what ‘lettering’ really was. Then one day I jumped onto the Instagram bandwagon with some friends and decided to use it for good instead of shooting photos of my food or random other things. I stumbled across a few pieces from Zachary Smith and instantly fell in love with the style and execution. From that point forward, I knew I wanted to practice it myself. So I forced myself to draw a new lettering piece every single day for an entire year to continually practice and get better at it.

Hand-Lettering by Scott Biersack | Danthonia Designs Blog

Hand-Lettering by Scott Biersack

Every week I used to hand-letter a motivational message onto a public chalkboard at Arizona State University, every week. I wish I still had time to create more of these, but sadly schoolwork is consuming all my time! That project was to inspire and motivate others as well as myself. So I woke up at 5am every Satirday morning to practice my lettering by writing some inspirational or motivational quotes and phrases for the students to see the following Monday when they returned to class. Each piece took five to seven hours to complete and were occasionally destroyed a just few hours after completion (since it is in fact a public chalkboard for all to use). A lot of people asked me, ‘Don’t you get upset when people erase your work that you spend hours on?’ My response is, not really because it just gives me a reason to create another piece.

Chalkboard Lettering | Danthonia Designs Blog

What was project 365?

Project365 was the name I gave to the self-initiated goal to draw lettering every single day for an entire year, never missed a day, and constantly shared every piece via Instagram to show my process and progress.


One of the pieces for Project 365

There are sooooo many people that inspire the heck out of me. I can’t name them all because there are so many. I learned and grew the most by viewing works from very well known letterers and sign-writers such as David Smith, Ged Palmer, Neil Secretario, Drew Melton, Jessica Hische, Dana Tanamachi and many more. Viewing their works allowed me to understand how they are constructing their letterforms and the methodology behind their compositions.

Ged Palmer's Sketchbook

Ged Palmer’s Sketchbook (image courtesy of Ged Palmer)

I absolutely love working on branding/logotype projects. I developed a logo/logotype for a cider business called Craftycider. Sadly, it seems the owner has gone MIA and I haven’t talked to him in months… I’m not sure where the project stands, but the logo is complete and ready to be shared with the world if the owner wants to progress further! (Either way, I plan on sharing the project in my portfolio someday soon).

Crafty Cider Logo | Danthonia Designs Blog

Currently I’m working on a deck for Girl Skateboards. It’s nearly complete, just needs to be tweaked a bit more before it heads into production. So I’m excited for the world to see it sometime – this spring I believe!

Skateboard Deck Designs | Danthonia Designs Blog

Skateboard Deck Designs by Scott

Have you noticed a growing interest in handcrafted letterforms, in recent times?

Definitely! Hand lettering has risen from the grave, it appears. The computers and other forms of technology these days have made “lettering” into an art form and something almost every company wants because of its uniqueness and how custom it can be. I feel like it’s something every designer wants to do (at some level) nowadays since nearly everyone likes it.

Laser-Cut Letters | Danthonia Designs Blog

Scott had one of his designs laser-cut to make this dimensional ‘sign’.

As for my future? I love lettering/typography so much that I think I’m going to move to New York City to further my education in the Cooper Type design program. First, I’ve got to get accepted, then somehow manage to pay for housing in that super-expensive city! I’m not worried about it though; if there’s a will, there’s a way. It’ll happen and work out somehow!

Handpainted Showcard by Scott Biersack | Danthonia Designs Blog

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  1. To be young and ambitious! Love this guy’s work. I hope he keeps at it, as he’ll have a satisfying career doing what he loves. Many people hopping on this bandwagon of course, but only few are actually pioneers at how they approach their work, revive earlier design styles and move things to the next level … Scott has been totally inspired to do the same. Thanks for posting Don!

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